We are happy to have hosted a conclusive event for the year, where a great number of guests was present: IT companies, IT-related companies, representatives of universities and communities that we cooperate with, and representatives of big IT companies.

Here we are sharing our summary of the year:

– we worked actively on export strategy and international relations. Visited London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon (Web Summit). Assisted Cluster members in arranging free of charge business trips to Krakow and Vienna. We established partnerships for cooperation with numerous representatives of international associations, European clusters, chambers of commerce and industry; attended a great number of meetings and events with all of them.

– we intensified significantly our work on cooperation with governmental structures, since the Cluster is a part of the «IT Export Strategy» work group.

– we established partnerships with a number of universities in Kyiv and launched an Education Platform on our website, where representatives of univesities and IT companies can exchange information on mutually beneficial development.

– we intensified our promotional activities: we support important events, launched regular digests, began to actively manage our social media pages and improved our English website.

– we held a conference and introduced changes to our Statute regarding the procedure of election of the Supervisory Council and all the governing bodies of the Cluster.

– we optimized the system of membership fees, which was agreed upon by the majority of the Cluster members.

Mykola Roienko, the CEO of Miratech, gave a speech at the meeting and expressed readiness to facilitate the Cluster’s growth. We are happy that big companies see the development of Kyiv IT Cluster as promising and are open to this kind of cooperation.

Let’s grow together this year!

Here you can find our report presentation with more facts, plans and pictures.