Data Science UA - New Cluster Member!

The long-awaited happy news!

In March, 2019 Kyiv IT Cluster welcomed a new member – the Data Science UA community!

Our two communities have been cooperating for a while already, and now we took this next step and established official partnership. The activitity of Data Science UA, as well as the Cluster's, is aimed at improvement and development of the IT ecosystem in Kyiv and in all of Ukraine. Data Science UA do it by building a Data Science community, since this field is developing rapidly at the moment, and the demand for qualified specialists in this field is rising proportionally. Our partners organize conferences, courses and meetups, where they bring together the best Data Science specialists to share the most current and relevant information and to exchange knowledge and experience.

At this moment, within a large and still secret project of the Cluster, the representatives of Data Science UA, headed by Oleksandra Sirovatko, CEO and Founder of the Community, are taking the most active part as lead experts. We will make the first announcement of the project very soon already, so keep up with our news!

We thank Oleksandra Sirovatko and all the Data Science UA team for this new level of our cooperation!