How Kyiv IT Cluster Helps To Support Tech Education

One of the main vectors of Kyiv IT Cluster’s activities is cooperation with academic institutions that train our future IT specialists. Those institutions are mainly universities, both long-established and new, public and private. The goal of such cooperation lies in bringing together educational facilities and businesses that are in need of qualified specialists in various tech fields – from web development to artificial intelligence.

2018 was a productive year for our development in this direction and now, at the beginning of 2019 we can proudly announce that we have already signed Memoranda of Cooperation and Partnership with 5 major Ukrainian universities, thanks to which our IT industry today is driven by talented and highly skilled professionals.

Our new partners are:

The universities submit to us their needs, which require outside funding, and we do our best to connect them with businesses that will be interested in investing into particular development projects that will be mutually beneficial in the long run. The most common needs are: tech labs and equipment for them; startup hubs for students; assistance in creation and conduction of highly specialized courses to provide students with knowledge and skills that are currently in the highest demand on the market; involvement into major IT events; assistance in obtaining scholarships for promising student projects, etc.

What do businesses receive in return for funding such needs? The answer is: loyal employees, with skills and knowledge tailored to the corporate needs. Moreover, the companies that are already taking part in similar projects usually offer internships to students who succeed the most at their ‘tailored’ courses. A win-win situation.    

Kyiv IT Cluster hopes, with this initiative, to bring education and business spheres closer together, to help them understand each other’s interconnected needs with a bigger picture in mind: a healthy, rapidly growing IT ecosystem of Ukraine.

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