Kyiv IT Cluster Took Part In 3 Workshops By The USAID CEP

The goal of the events held in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv was to determine the priority vectors of cooperation for development of IT in Ukraine

From late May to early June Kyiv IT Cluster took part in 3 workshops/discussions organized and hosted by the USAID “Competitive Economy of Ukraine” Program in partnership with Kyiv IT Cluster, Lviv IT Cluster, Kharkiv IT Cluster. The events were dedicated to such topics, as internationalization, digitalization, education and cluster building.

On May 24, the USAID “Competitive Economy of Ukraine” Program (CEP) together with GIZ Ukraine held a workshop and an interactive discussion for representatives of the IT industry at Kyiv IT Cluster. Among the topics discussed were development of the internal market, export support, business digitalization, support of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), support of IT clusters – the activity areas of CEP, aimed at facilitation of development of the IT sector in Ukraine. The participants presented their own projects and discussed possible ways of cooperation.

Then, On May 30, the USAID “Competitive Economy of Ukraine” Program (CEP) in partnership with Lviv ІТ Cluster held a workshop on development of the Ukrainian IT sector at Lviv Business School, in order to determine the main challenges of the industry. The event was attended by representatives if seven IT clusters from different parts of Ukraine. Among other things, the participants continued to discuss the role of IT clusers in implementation of the Export Strategy for the IT Sector, developed by joint efforts of the State and the businesses, – which was also one of the main topics in the previous workshop.

On June 4, the USAID “Competitive Economy of Ukraine” Program (CEP) in partnership with Kharkiv IT cluster held a workshop on development of education in the IT field. Managers from Lviv ІТ Cluster, Kyiv IT Cluster, IT-Cluster Vinnytsia, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and teachers joined in the active discussion. The main goal of the workshop was to determine the primary shortcomings of formal and informal education, which can prevent the competitive capacity of the IT sector from growing.

We are happy to have taken part in all three events, and we hope for more of such initiatives to come! We thank the representatives of the USAID “Competitive Economy of Ukraine” Program (CEP) for all that they are doing for the development of IT in Ukraine!