New market challenges - new level of support for your dedicated Software Development IT teams and development centres.

New market challenges always require using new business approaches and services with a brand new level of support for your dedicated Software Development IT teams and development centres.


The IT ecosystem is also growing very actively – Ukrainian startup fund has been created already and has conducted 10 demo days during which a number of projects raised their grants. Also, in Kyiv and Kharkiv, Unit.City business campuses alongside a residential quarter for representatives of the creative industry were launched. In Kyiv, it is already planned to present a suburban town focused on representatives of the creative sector in the near future. The government pays particular interest to the ITC sector. The new taxation system DIYA has been presented, and in general, the taxation system for private entrepreneurs is one of the best on the market. One of the latest initiatives has been to transform the KhTZ (Kharkiv Tractor Plant) into the Ukrainian Silicon Valley.

It’s well-known fact that Ukraine is a very attractive country for international clients as an IT Outsourcing centre with a good spectrum of high-skilled IT engineers and very attractive and reasonable pricing in terms of differentiating software development costs Recently Ukrainian IT companies have started to actively work not only on the outsourcing services market but also with completing international IT projects and products and that gives to international clients even more opportunities and also it gives more expertise for Ukrainian IT projects and startups.


As the interest in the Ukrainian IT market keeps growing, international clients started considering additional services for their teams and developers who are located in Ukraine.

We’re talking about both classical accounting support along with legal support for their developers and development offices (dedicated teams) and also payroll services (payments processing and distribution of payments to contractors, accounting for the accrual and distribution of compensations and fees) which are not very usual for the Ukrainian market, as well as the selection of convenient bank tariffs and banking partners. 

Clients also have frequent requests for support and access to additional opportunities for their teams and motivational tools such as sports clubs, medical insurance, temporary team hosts and dedicated meeting zones, standard services that are available in an in-house office format for IT service, and food companies.

Previously, such a full format of support for IT specialists and teams of developers wasn’t exactly in high demand, but with the advent of a new reality where the remote work format is prevalent, the demand for such services has sharply increased.

But the thing is that the remote work and the model of hybrid working are moving in the direction where the office model won’t be prevalent anymore and this format is caused by not just quarantine risks, but also a new permanent work format.

These services, as a rule, are meant to solve all issues related to hiring, support, payroll, insurance, compensation, and motivation, give the company a temporary resource for staffing needs if necessary. As well as help with the resource planning and utilization of the client’s in-house resources when needed. Sometimes, it is also important for companies to receive digital marketing and advertising services, to have multilingual customer support services to support customers and users.

These days, we don’t see many companies that can fully cover such a demand, but most of it can be successfully covered by BPO service & payroll provided by company, under its own management, proposes the list of the following services: talent research and support,  IT outstaffing services, accounting and payroll support, legal and financial consultancy and support. 

Soon, additional services from our partners and from the best suppliers on the market will be provided:

  •     Legal Consulting in the local jurisdictions where IT product and Service companies are created and legally registered
  •     Support in obtaining patents and trademarks
  •     Attracting investments and obtaining grants for startups, consulting in finding angel investors, and mentorship for new projects. Access to the best self-learning materials in these areas.

In the near future, additional opportunities for joint investments in projects of the real economy sector/startups/development projects/retirement savings projects will be offered to diversify businesses and generate your passive income.

Previously, we all observed global changes in the format of work and communication with dedicated teams and development centres, but this turned out to be not enough. Nowadays the market again requires new services to support and develop remote teams and with BPO services is ready to take of it.