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Новий рік ми почали ще з однієї визначної події - ми почали піар локації і учасників Кластеру для іноземної аудиторії. На цей раз ми надрукували статтю у журналі Аєроплан, який розповсюжується у літаках, аеропортах Києва, готелях тощо.


Ми впевнені, що іноземних гостей, які приїждають до нашого міста, треба завчасно інформувати про можливості регіону, щоб, навіть завітавши до нас як турист, наступного разу ця ж людина вже приїхала як бізнесмен, до своїх українських партнерів. 


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KYIV IT Cluster - the gate to KYIV IT Community


Ukraine. What is it famous for? Klitchko, Shevchenko and … Ukrainian IT.


As you probably already know, Ukraine enjoys very high rankings in IT sphere worldwide. We are proud to occupy the 11th place in the list of TOP-50 locations of software development companies in the world, 13 Ukrainian IT companies are in the TOP-100 global companies providing outsourcing services, Ukrainian freelance developers occupy the 7th place in the world in terms of quality and efficiency of work.


ICT is one of the key most developed areas in Ukraine. The contribution of industry to the country's GDP is increasing every year. More than 30% of the country's total exports come from IT. More and more government programs supporting the IT sphere are being carried out.


100 000 people work in Ukraine in IT (data for 2017) and this figure is increasing by 27% every year. There is a growing number of ITO and BPO companies that help representatives of ICT directions and clients create offices and remote teams in Ukraine, provide financial and tax services, recruiting and accounting.


The most dynamic and developed city for the ICT area is Kyiv. It is here that 39% of the total number of IT developers work. There are more than 260 IT companies in Kyiv, including the Ukrainian top five, and more than one thousand startups. The developed infrastructure allows rapid growth to these ICT companies and startups.


Such speed of development is also due to the chosen set of directions with which specialists work: all the most relevant and fresh technologies are quickly mastered by local companies. Among them are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, CRM, HealthCare, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Fintech, Bots for messengers, UI / UX, Predictive Analytics.


AOG.jobs Outstaffing service works with most of these technologies. The company provides IT outsourcing services for large and medium-sized B2B international companies. The base of potential employees for AOG.jobs clients consists of 18800 high-level specialists and 1116 of IT companies in 86 most popular technologies.


One of the most prominent companies in the area of developing applications for iOS, Android and Web is IDAP. More than 100 qualified engineers, designers, and managers have implemented more than 200 projects in over 5 years of work.The company’s main strength is thinking together with the client and adapting the development to the needs of both established companies and startups that require some fresh idea and a lot of innovation.


The SANNACODE company is a well-known expert in IoT, and also in social, entertaining, automotive, fundraising, e-commerce, and sports directions. It provides services in the development of mobile and web applications, has big strengths in UI / UX design, and does QA for more than 20 clients, most of which are long-term.


Evergreen is another innovative company, that puts special focus on the high-level technology of machine learning (ML), computer vision and speech, IoT and cloud technology. In total, the company has more than 150 projects implemented, 6 awards, a number of nominations in the UX design. It works both with foreign companies and a local market and is also providing a very mature and efficient project management.


A local KYIV IT Cluster contributes to the consolidation of companies in Kyiv, one of the largest centers for the development of IT projects in Eastern Europe. KYIV IT Cluster strives to create the biggest local platform for cooperation for the sake of achieving common goals.


The Cluster already has more than 30 member companies and their number is constantly growing.


KYIV IT cluster supports cooperation in all areas that may interest an IT company in its development, such as communication, knowledge sharing, management training, working with authorities, increasing exports, discount programs from related businesses. One of the important functions is also that of an IT-gate to Kyiv and Ukraine as a whole for foreign companies and individuals wishing to do business with Ukrainian companies and in Ukraine.


With such a powerful background, current rankings and Kyiv IT Cluster support Kyiv indeed has all chances to become the IT capital of Eastern Europe.

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